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The Nose Knows

Loss of smell as marker of Covid-19 infection has given this fa-scent-nating sense a renewed spotlight. Super interesting article on the state of olfactory research.

It reminded me of amazing Technion -Israel Institute of Technology expert in nanotechnology and chemical engineering Prof. Hossam Haick, who invented a "Nano Artificial Nose" - the SniffPhone - a compact handheld device that measures exhaled breath for early diagnosis of gastric cancer.

Prof. Haick directs the Laboratory of Nanomaterials-based Devices at the Technion, serves as dean of undergraduate studies, has authored numerous articles in top journals, been awarded top grants and is a celebrated lecturer who somehow finds time in his packed schedule to voluntarily encourage youth to get advance education and excel in science. (By the way, he's just 45!)

Wishing Prof. Haick - and all of us - great things to continue to come of his interdisciplinary scientific excellence!


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