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Rediscovering Audio with Ari Applbaum

We’re all experiencing how audio is lagging behind written content, video and images in searchability and discoverability. That’s why Audioburst, the Israeli startup Ari Applbaum has joined as VP Marketing, is developing advanced audio search and delivery services for audio content creators and companies.

Throughout his career in marketing and communication, Ari has often experienced the importance of clarity in helping his company and clients achieve their goals. From the simple daily reality of miscommunications with colleagues on the team slack channel, when you’re referring to one issue and they’re assuming you’re responding to something else, to the need to succinctly communicate the bottom line of the uniqueness of your technology to an investor as briefly as “ten times faster or cheaper”, Ari knows that it won’t help to successfully drive the audience to your site if they are expecting a value proposition which is different from the one you’re actually offering, because they misinterpreted your key message.

Join us for episode 21 of Let’s Clarify It in which Ari shares:

Why voice is such a powerful medium;

How you can use an analogy as a shortcut without turning it into part of your brand;

And what he learned about his own communication, from the time his educator father-in-law sat in on a lecture he gave.

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!

Ari scales Israeli startups by building global brands.

He has successfully positioned countless companies to succeed in crowded markets, land Fortune 500 customers, attract significant funding, and exit.

He currently serves as VP Marketing at Audioburst, the Audio Search & Delivery Platform.

Before that, he was Head of Communications at marketing analytics leader AppsFlyer,

VP Marketing at video platform AnyClip,

and VP at leading tech PR firm Finn Partners.


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