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Photo credit: Maya Hadash/Israel-Asia Center

Clarathons – Clarity Marathons towards High Stakes Events

Message sharpening and effective presentation training for researchers, entrepreneurs and teams.

Do you operate an accelerator or are you otherwise organizing a group of entrepreneurs, researchers of teams who are scheduled to present to a high-stakes audience soon?

The Clarathon is for you (well actually, for them)!

Combining individual consultations and group workshops, each participant benefits from the opportunity to test and evolve multiple, supported iterations of their short talk, so they arrive at the big event ready to deliver their clearest and best, for maximum impact with a key audience often of a very different academic background than their own.

We always customize and tailor the program specifics to your needs.

A typical Clarathon includes the following components:

  • group workshop to acquire sharp presentation skills, addressing aspects including: clear content, effective delivery, audience specific adaptations, in-person slides

  • Short one-on-one sessions to develop and practice 5 minute pitches, with time to apply advice post first session, pre second session

  • group pitch session – each team delivers their pitch in a supportive, growth mindset atmosphere to me and their peers, receiving feedback that serves to inform their fine tuning going forward

  • Now they’re ready to attend the big event and pitch their clearest and most impactful!

  • After the event, we conduct a short group debriefing session to exchange valuable insights and lessons learned, to inform the continuation of their entrepreneurial journeys.

In addition to comprehensive Clarathons, I offer a range of shorter workshop options.

Wonderful Workshops

Entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals in every field deliver different types of messages throughout their workday to diverse audiences: clients, investors, decision makers, colleagues, teams, internal & external stakeholders, local and international forums.

We deliver each message for a defined purpose: to pitch our offering; to teach something; to raise awareness to a problem; to initiate a project; to recommend an alternative; to on-board; to encourage certain behavior; to make a request, and so much more.


Would you love to equip your team with practical tools for effectively delivering their messages at every opportunity?   

If we wish to communicate effectively, to achieve our goals, we'd be wise to:


Analyze our target audience to assess what they already know about our topic and what concerns them about it.

Develop our message – short, memorable and to the point – such that it answers the questions in our audience's mind on this issue and such that they can leave our presentation, capable of easily remembering our message and repeating it. The message is best accompanied by illustrations (stories, data, quotes and projections by thought leaders and sources of domain authority, analogies and metaphors) and concluded with a clear call to action – what we'd like our audience to do with what we've shared with them.

Deliver the message interestingly, memorably, uniquely – incorporating non-verbal elements (body language, facial expressions, voice, movement) to enhance, amplify and emphasize our verbal message.

Consider accompanying our presentation with visuals: Power Point or other slides or concrete objects, to further assist our audience in visually processing what we’re sharing with them.


Workshops and practice sessions can also be orchestrated into offsite company retreats.

Let’s Sharpen your Team’s Presentation Skills so you can Amplify your Impact!

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