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Clarifying Consultations

In friendly, focused one on one consultation sessions, together we'll:


Assess the need at hand

Prep for a high-stakes presentation?

Priority content that doesn't currently convey what you mean?

Want your team to better communicate the value of your offering to key audiences?


Review your idea in depth

Fully understand what exactly you're telling whom, noting structure, flow, and most importantly – uncover assumptions about what's obvious to them (but very likely actually isn't).

Clarify your “what’s it for?” – define your best-case scenario outcome of communicating this set of messages to this audience.


Sharpen your messages

Clearly articulate your main statements, choosing the most audience-aligned examples, stories and data with which to illustrate the point, culminating in an unequivocal call to action.

Let’s Clarify your Message so you can Amplify your Impact!

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