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Research-based Healthcare Startups Webinar Series: Valuable-yet-free

Inspirational, informative entrepreneurship way-valuable-yet-generously-free lecture series alert! And heads up bio-med-tech entrepreneurs seeking unique acceleration with Bar Ilan University researchers:

"Is research Startup Nation's Next Wave?"

"Is your solution looking for a problem?"

"It takes an ecosystem to raise a startup!

"Is competition for losers?"

These are 4 of the 11 eye-opening webinar panels of multidisciplinary "Startup Nation" experts - researchers, VCs, entrepreneurs - who recently shared hard-won insights on success factors for Israeli research-based healthcare startups, aiming to change the world for the better.

Bar Ilan University's Unbox Ventures accelerator began its new annual cycle with its Inspiration Phase and has generously made the entire (English, free) webinar series available to us all:

Enjoy! Share! Learn!

Entrepreneurs with a bio-med-tech idea, seeking to team up with a Bar Ilan University researcher and participate together in the upcoming acceleration cohort, are invited to consult with the phenomenal Sigal Harel-Mor, Unbox's Community Manager

Thanks Ariel Sella for making all this magic manifest in the world!


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