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Remote Monitoring of Brain Health

1B people suffer from neurological and psychiatric disorders globally, usually diagnosed and treated in short, infrequent in-person appointments.

People with chronic conditions are having an extra hard time during Covid, when in-person appointments become riskier due to exposure.

Thanks to Mon4t, (pronounced Montfort), an innovative Israeli start up, patients with neurological disorders can be monitored in real time remotely, with an FDA-approved solution, based on sensors already built into smartphones.

Montfort’s EncephaLog app conducts digital neurological tests for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, psychiatric disorders (like schizophrenia) and post-Covid-19 neurological symptoms.

CEO and co-founder of Mon4t , Dr. Ziv Yekutieli, PhD, an electrical engineer and brain scientist, became fascinated with the brain back in high school, through his admiration for his beloved teacher who suffered from ALS.



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