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Mind(ful)ing your Business

Frequent job switching is commonplace, especially among the work force’s younger generations. How can employers increase job satisfaction – and the chances great employees will want to stay? What have the companies ranked by their employees as “Best Places to Work” figured out? It probably has a lot to do with tuning in the employees’ actual needs as human beings, above and beyond their professional engagement and development.

That’s why Laura Gilinski, VP of Philanthropic Partnerships at Start-Up Nation Central, newly minted yoga teacher and co-founder of the Israel Mindfulness Center’s Corporate Mindfulness Training Program believes that the training and appointment of Chief Mindfulness Officers of organizations is the next big thing in HR.

Join us for episode 6 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Laura shares:

How she got involved in yoga and mindfulness;

What mindfulness can look like in an organizational context, not just during Corona;

And what the role of a Chief Mindfulness Officer of an organization can grow to become;

Curious? Let’s Clarify It! Want to enroll in the Corporate Mindfulness Training Program? Link in the show notes.

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