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Intercultural Clarity with Osnat Lautman

What is the price of misunderstandings between two people in a professional collaboration, which are rooted in very different cultures? It’s certainly all too high, if you ask intercultural expert Osnat Lautman, author of Amazon bestseller: ‘Israeli Business Culture'.

Going from pro organizational consultant in Israel to being misunderstood during a relocation by US colleagues, neighbors and teachers, was a profound learning experience which sparked Osnat’s inter-cultural career. She developed the ISRAELI™ model of Israeli business characteristics

(I-Informal, S-Straightforward, R-Risk-taking, A-Ambitious, E-Entrepreneurial, L-Loud, I-Improvisational) to reveal the foundations of the Israeli innovative culture and provide a bridge of understanding across which Israelis and their colleagues and associates can reach more mutually trusting and fruitful relationships .

Listen to episode 19 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Osnat shares:

How clarity is a combination of words, body language and tone of voice;

What happens when someone says “I don’t care” when they actually mean “I have no strong preference between these two options”?

And why asking someone “ what’s your opinion?” versus asking “what would you do if you were me?” can yield two very different responses.

Curious? Let’s clarify it!


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