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Intentional Interaction, by Design with Kylie Eisman-Lifschitz

What’s the very first question to ask yourself when planning a meaningful professional event? If you ask Kylie-Eisman Lifschitz, organizational consultant and founder of Workwell, it’s obvious: Why am I bringing these people together? Clearly defining your purpose greatly determines how you should go about achieving it, in terms of who to invite and how to orchestrate their interactions throughout the event, start to finish and long after it’s over. There are plenty of planning elements worth taking into consideration if you seek for your event to be truly engaging and even transformative for your audience.

As an organizational consultant for over 20 years, Kylie deeply understands the importance of helping people thrive at work and is particularly interested in the behavioral aspects of workplace dynamics. Organizations, large and small are always in perpetual motion, with so much intentional human behavior in action at any given moment: addressing challenges; initiating changes; negotiating career paths; improving performance; increasing diversity; promoting innovation; facilitating meetings, and as we’re all too familiar with these past months – establishing resilience throughout crisis – these are all organizational behaviors requiring plenty of clear communication among managers, teams and individuals, and Kylie has lots of great insights into how to go about managing them effectively.

Join us for episode 13 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Kylie shares:

How meaningful interaction can be baked into the very design of an event, along the timeline from planning, to event, to follow up;

How discussion leaders can best navigate online conversations which include disagreement;

And what are some great online substitutes for the in-person magic that happens at events; Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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