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Innovation as a Service

How can you communicate effectively with audiences as diverse as: senior executives seeking to upskill in specific areas; professionals with predominantly technical backgrounds, transitioning into entrepreneurship; and independent 3rd party funders? If you’re anything like Samuel Scheer, senior innovation consultant with the Innovation Centre Denmark Tel Aviv, first of all: you do your homework.

As someone who has been the only one in the room with a business background, surrounded by health professionals, and the connector between numerous multicultural and multi-disciplinary audiences, Samuel is quick to uncover hidden assumptions each party may be making, diligent in fully understanding the subject matter at hand himself, and persistent in striving for concrete examples.

Join us for episode 8 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Samuel shares:

Why it’s so important to be aware of culturally-specific expectations in multi-cultural settings;

How you can “fly your audience in” and why, if you didn’t, you can forget about taking them on the journey;

And how making it personal - really makes it stick.

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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