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How Israel Became VacciNation

Feeling grateful. Yesterday, my husband and I received our first Covid shots. We arrived at the very well organized site (in better times, home to large basketball matches) with our sms confirmation of date and time, and within minutes were called into one of multiple booths. Ours was staffed by a military medic, recently having completed his mandatory service and now called up for reserve duty to help address the national need. As he efficiently asked us about allergies, our ID numbers and which arm we'd prefer, typing into an ipad, we could take our pick of one pagers on the vaccine in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and French. I recognized a nurse passing by, likely retired and on a type of civilian "reserve duty" herself, she's the one who vaccinated our kids 10-20 years ago and measured and weighted them at the local well-baby clinic... It all felt friendly and efficient and I can't wait to receive our second batch in three weeks, by which point my parents will have received theirs, and, hopefully a week later, when the protective properties are ripe - to travel two hours to see them and give them the hugs I've been waiting to deliver for an entire year.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible throughout the scientific and medical worlds and to the State of Israel and all who serve it loyally and in good faith, wishing everyone around the world vaccines and their promise of health and an end to the pandemic as soon as possible.


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