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That word, I don't think it means what you think it means

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A physician I admire and adore told me she had been approached by a company, asking her to create a “ten minute podcast” about a vaccine. She asked me: “they offered to pay me for three hours of work — do you think that’s sufficient time to create it?”

Well, that depends entirely on what they mean by “podcast”. If they’re seeking a call-in radio show style bit of Q&A taped over-the-phone in one single live take and she already knows what her message is in response to the questions they want addressed – by all means, it could take much less than three hours.

But if what they actually want is an expertly produced 10 minute stand-alone unit of content, which can be downloaded on demand as a self-explanatory piece of well researched and carefully-worded knowledge, with excellent quality sound, a logical intro (to a series by this physician on different topics? by different health professionals on diverse topics?), complete with thoughtfully selected background music, a logo or image which appears on the screens of those listening, show notes including links to resources – well then, nope, quite insufficient indeed…

She’ll get back to them for a clearer spec.

Shout out to Princess Bride screen writers for the brilliant quote I saluted with my title.


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