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Going in to (and out of) Our Minds with Lan Lossos, Ph.D.

Our brains are constantly changing. After every single experience and conversation we have – our brains are a bit different from how they were prior. I know mine sure is after this conversation with the amazing Dr. Lan Lossos, and something tells me yours will be too after hearing this. Lan is a marketing neuropsychologist and if you ask her what she actually does she’d quickly reply – that would depend on the day of the week, each day cross-pollinating the ideas of the next.

From academic teaching to corporate consulting to life coaching to directing creative solutions in her own startup in the field of neuroscience based intuitive, fun learning of anything and everything – Lan blends her vast knowledge in neuroscience and marketing with her deep belief in choosing to make things happen, benefitting everyone who joyfully crosses paths with her.

Join us for episode 10 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Lan keeps on insisting on interviewing me, we had a lot of laughs and somehow I even managed to get her insights in edgewise on:

*** What’s been going on in our brains during this year of remote communication;

*** How our kids are also gaining from their extensive device time and why analyzing and synthesizing are more crucial to their brains than memorization; and

*** Why great communication is introspective and moves both inward and forward;

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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