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Future of Work Toolbox - Let's Clarify It Podcast, Episode 9

How can today’s teens prepare themselves for a rapidly changing future of work? Quite the challenge, which is why Karena de Souza believes one of the biggest responsibilities we have is equipping them with the tools to make the best possible decisions for themselves. That’s precisely why she’s just written Contours of Courageous Parenting - Tilting Towards Better Decisions. In it, Karena connects the dots between lessons she learned while future casting and scenario planning in the corporate banking world and decision-making lessons she and her husband experienced travelling the world for a year with their three young children. The result is a delightful read, blending a practical, future of work skill set acquisition framework, together with heartwarming, relatable vignettes.

Join us for episode 9 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Karena shares:

In what ways an extended travel experience is one big exercise in coping with uncertainty;

How clarity adds wisdom to the knowledge bank available to everyone;

And why we have much reason for optimism when it comes to generation Z.

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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