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Derek Sivers' Way

Have you had the great pleasure of encountering the creative work of Derek Sivers? For years a professional musician, best known as a unique type of I-do-it-my-way entrepreneur, world traveler, popular TED speaker and author. (there was even a circus ringleader period at one point).

Over the weekend, I enjoyed his really short, very much to the point book: Anything You Want - 40 Lessons for a new kind of Entrepreneur (2011) in which Derek shares exactly how he created his hobby-turned-accidental-company, CD Baby. He was just trying to sell his own music independently, then help a few friends do the same. 10 years later he sold the company for $22 million.

I heard a super fun interview with him by lovely couple in life and podcasting Alasdair Plambeck & Julie-Roxane Krikorian, on their Far Out podcast. Worth a read. Worth a listen.


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