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CYBEReady to Work from Home?

Why do the best secure access procedures combine 1) something you know, with 2) something you have, and better still -- with 3) something you are?

Why should you keep your operating system, as well as your applications and browsers, updated?

How is a Virtual Private Network like a tunnel?

And what should you be very mindful of on your next video call (beyond hiding the mess)?

You don't have to be a multi-national corporation not to want your information accessed by a stranger.

We all hear the buzz about cyber-security, but what does it imply, practically, for each of us?

My podcast interview with Roi Cohen, VP Sales and Co-Founder of Vicarius from last May is still as relevant as ever in our extended remote reality, with lots of practical tips for each of us to apply for more secure remote work.

Here's the Even Remotely Effective episode from May 2020 in which Roi shared his practical cyber tips:


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