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CRISPR Clarity

What a joy listening to a brilliant scientist communicate accessibly, with clarity, humor, friendliness! Recently nominated first presidential science advisor with a seat in the cabinet, what a great conversation Prof. Eric Lander had with Alan Alda, about his leading role in the Human Genome Project and how the insights it’s revealed into diseases - from Covid-19 to cancer - are leading to treatments, and even cures, that he never imagined possible.

I was reminded fondly of the Israeli team leading the CRISPR IL consortium, top researchers and entrepreneurs bridging academia and industry, whom I had the privilege of helping prepare for their high stakes Israel Innovation Authority presentation.

With their visionary proposal and impactful delivery, they nailed it big time and won a mega grant.

CRISPR IL are now spearheading the initiative to leverage the development of CRISPR based technologies in academia and industry as a powerful growth engine for Israel, bringing much needed applied innovation to address major global challenges and benefit humanity worldwide.


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