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Community Building Everywhere with Nir Cohen

Israeli high-tech professionals often take on exciting roles which require them to relocate overseas for a few years. Sometimes, they settle in to the point that returning home becomes challenging. Making the journey home to Israel that much easier and more successful starts with making sure there is a great job awaiting them.

And that’s exactly what Nir Cohen is now tasked with achieving, as Program Manager of the Back2Tech initiative, a collaboration between the Israel Innovation Authority and Israeli company CQ Global.

Nir, a social entrepreneur who recently completed the establishment and a few years of managing the Jerusalem Business Arena, a municipal initiative strengthening the local economy of Jerusalem by encouraging large companies to purchase from local small businesses, believes that each culture, profession and organization have their own language and nuance and it’s imperative to take the time to learn and understand them if you want to communicate effectively with their members.

Join us for episode 12 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Nir shares:

***How the ability to provide people with a space where they are truly heard meets a deep need, even in the fast paced high-tech world;

*** What we can learn from our audience’s clarification questions about where we need to clarify ourselves further;

*** And all about the time he learned the hard way that “The meeting room is available” actually meant “Could you please keep it down?!”

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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