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Clear is Kind. In Parenting Too. with Catherine Lynch and Glenn Collins

What do you get when you mix Catherine’s vast experience working with teens in challenging wilderness settings through outward bound, together with Glenn’s engineering and project management talents, and lovingly add in all their lived experience while their five (now adult) children who Catherine adopted as teens were growing up? Introducing: Three Pillar Parent, a down-to-earth, from the bottom of their hearts parenting consultancy, for real world parents. Catherine and Glenn know just how challenging raising kids can be at times, so they’ve set out to make it easier for others. That way, other parents won’t have to cross mountain ranges, climb the active volcanoes and traverse the alligator swamps with teens that Catherine actually did. And what does all this have to do with communication? Everything.

Parents have to make so very many decisions, communicating them to their children and to one another all along the way. All day, every day. Catherine and Glenn believe that when you: Start with the end in mind; Design a clear family culture; and Prioritize your relationship with your kids – you set your family up for success and harmony. Expressed in your words and actions.

Join us for episode 14 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Catherine and Glenn share:

How all parenting topics seem to boil down to devices during the pandemic;

Why they believe in offering additional perspectives rather than prescribing solutions;

And how a game of rock-paper-scissors transformed the after-dinner routine in their own home and in that of at least one additional family who consulted with them;

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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