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Clarity on Both Sides of the Employment Relationship with Idit Karni

Have you ever been hired for what sounded like a super independent position only to find yourself being micromanaged? Or hired someone who sounded super capable and proficient at what you needed, only to discover they couldn’t actually deliver when it mattered most?

Clarity plays a very central role for both employers and employees, says Idit Karni, founder of "Karni HR", Lecturer, Career Coach and Organizational Consultant who works with both parties to the employment relationship. Clear communication is the fundamental infrastructure for a successful employer-employee relationship right from the start, from role definition to interviews and screening processes to onboarding. The more alignment – the happier both parties. The more clarity regarding what’s actually on offer – the better all around.

Join us for episode 16 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Idit shares:

Why “fake it till you make it” should be limited to self pep talk and never extended to your CV;

What the impact and importance of doing your business intelligence homework can be for job seekers;

And how the clarity, with which an Israeli biologist made the complex science of the Covid vaccine accessible to Idit, made all the difference in reassuring her to safely get the shot;

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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