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Building a Meaningful Brand with Simon Ratcliffe

In a world of millions of offers – how can yours stand out to the right audience? By recognizing that your brand is your most valuable asset and cultivating it accordingly. And how can small entrepreneurs distinguish themselves and create their brands even without the huge budgets of big corporates? By having absolute clarity as to what they offer and communicating how they are different.

Bridging this gap between the best brand strategies of the world’s most respected brands and the challenge of motivated, mission-driven first-time entrepreneurs seeking authentic effective market presence, is at the heart of the work of my dear friend Simon Ratcliffe.

At his consultancy, Simon guides those in their early steps of bringing their important work into the world by helping them craft their brand and its messages and manifestations in alignment with their values, such that they resonate with their audiences. With decades of practical accumulated wisdom in the global corporate branding scene resulting in spot-on insights and a wealth of creative ideas, a kind smile and a genuine passion to help others succeed and thrive, Simon is a breathe of value-driven, logical, applicable fresh air in a world often ridden with cynical marketing tactics.

Join us for episode 18 of Let’s Clarify It in which Simon shares:

Why getting your frame and perspective right are as important as understandable words;

What does his podcast Turning the Tables, on the inspiring stories of people who have overcome adversity to find new meaning, have in common with the branding strategies of first time entrepreneurs;

And why posters are his favorite form of communication.

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!


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