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Bringing Presence & Intention Online with Elan Frenkel

A good fifteen years before many of us moved online due to Covid 19, Elan Frenkel was already a digital interaction insider, curious about connecting virtually in long distance relationships. Turning curiosity into expertise, Elan co-founded Konnected, a virtual experiences company, from the helm of which he assists people, communities and organizations to get connected online by co-creating engaging and meaningful interactions.

Combining diverse methodologies, from focusing to large group facilitation, Elan finds that rather than working to “hide the glitches” of online interactions, it’s the very vulnerable imperfections and transparent attitude that bring a sincerity, enabling people to truly connect even when they are not together in a shared physical space.

Join us for episode 15 of Let’s Clarify It, in which Elan shares:

How bringing awareness to our bodies changes something about how we’re present, which is felt beyond the screen;

Given that the most meaningful presentations are conversations, what this implies for those delivering them;

And how playing games and adding touches of lightheartedness to online interactions , create openness and a place for something shared to emerge;

Curious? Let’s Clarify It!

Thanks Elan for the very present online conversation!


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