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Bloomberg Innovation Index

The Bloomberg Innovation Index offered me a great grabbing opening for Accelerator Frankfurt's 5th wave demo day two years ago, (see minute 16 of the video

in 2019, Germany was ranked 2nd.

Germany has now broken Korea’s Six-Year Streak as Most Innovative Nation, according to Bloomberg's current Index, which ranks the world’s 60 most innovative countries using 7 criteria including: R&D expenditure as percentage of GDP, productivity, patent activity, concentration of researchers engaged in R&D per million people, concentration of high-tech companies, and total enrollment in education, regardless of age, as a percentage of post-secondary cohort and the share of the labor force with an advanced level of education.

During these 2 years, Israel has gone from 7th to 5th. I wonder whether Covid related innovation will help boost it up?

May all nations keep researching innovatively and applying it for the global good of people, living things and the planet.


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