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Want to sharpen your message to amplify

your impact?

Let’s Clarify it.

It’s one of those high stakes situations - your communication has to be spot on.

You know exactly what you mean when you're describing your idea.

But will they get it?

I get it.
Welcome to Let’s Clarify It.
I’m Dafna. I help CEOs, researchers and entrepreneurs like you clarify your ideas and create vivid messaging to maximize impact. To influence. Persuade. Win minds. And hearts.
To make sure they get it when the stakes are high.

Big opportunity coming up? Let’s get you ready to ace it!

How can I help?

How can Let’s Clarify It help you?
What Can I help You Clarify?

What Can I help You Clarify?

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Let's Clarify It - The Podcast

Listen to my podcast on which I host fellow strategic communication experts who share their tips on communicating with clarity, entrepreneurs and researchers sharing their journeys toward clearly communicating their ideas and my own insights for you on how you can amplify your impact through clarity.

Startup or researcher seeking funding?
Leader on the verge of a pivotal organizational change? 

Lack of clarity in your messaging will likely cost you that investment, partnership or collaboration opportunity.
They won't buy in if they don't see the value for them. Immediately.
Your audience’s confusion-turned-indifference-moved-on-to-the-next-thing sends you right back to the drawing board. 

You've worked so hard to develop your offering.
You believe in it.

You know it needs to be manifest in the world so it can truly make a difference.
So how can you ensure that your audience truly understands what you've created, for all its uniqueness?
Let's Clarify It.
Let's create messaging so crystal clear they get it. 100%. Precisely. Right away.

Clarity in your communication shows your audience the value of your ideas.
It could mean getting the funding to grow your business.
Launching that ambitious research project.
Enrolling partners into your promising endeavour.

Clarity transforms confusion into coherence.
You and your important work in the world are worthy of clarity. So is your audience.

Let’s Clarify It Together When It Matters Most To You

One-on-one message clarification sessions.


Interactive, practical and energetic presentation
skills training.


Script writing & charismatic delivery,

from academic
to entrepreneurial.

Clarifying led to Impact

“Although not previously familiar with my work, Dafna was very fast in understanding the crux of my research and how to communicate it to an audience outside my field (not an easy task).”



Proud to serve
What can I help you clarify?
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